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Announcement of the Office for Personnel Social Benefits:

Employees are obliged to submit the application for co-financing between 23.02.2024-08.03.2024 in electronic form using DocSense (generator.ds.uw.edu.pl). Please note that logging in to DocSense outside the University network (i.e. from a computer which has no wire connection to UW network in UW building or has no wireless connection to UW Eduroam network) is possible only after installation of VPN UW software on one’s computer from https://it.uw.edu.pl/pl/uslugi/UslugiInternetVPN/ After logging in to DocSense, one should choose ‘Create a document’ from the left-hand menu, and then ‘wniosek o dofinansowanie zajęć sportowych SWFiS’ (application for co-financing of sport classes SWFiS) from the list.

All the fields of the form must be completed. It is possible to check the layout of the form using ‘Preview’ option. Filling out the form may be discontinued at any time (to save it as ‘In progress’, one should click ‘Save the draft’ button), and continued later – the form will be available in ‘In progress’ tab. After completing the form, in order to send it for acceptance to the Office for Personnel Social Benefits, one must click ‘Save and finish editing’ button. This action is identical to signing the form and submitting it to the proper person in the Office for Personnel Social Benefits. After signing (clicking ‘Save and finish editing’ button), the document appears in ‘All documents’ tab – it is possible to preview it and check if it was accepted or rejected by the Office for Personnel Social Benefits (information about the reaction for submission is visible on the list of documents in ‘Acceptance status’ column – the complete information can be found in document’s details in ‘Approval’ section).

Retired employees and pensioners are obliged to submit the application for co-financing in paper form between 23.02.2024-08.03.2024.

Applications in paper form can be submitted:

– through Chancellery of the University of Warsaw
– by post to the address: Uniwersytet Warszawski – Biuro Spraw Socjalnych, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, 00-927 Warszawa
– directly to the Office for Personnel Social Benefits between 10 am and 2 pm.