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How to earn sick leave

New rules concerning sick leaves have been established for 2016/2017 Academic Year.  Long-term sick leaves will be accepted only if written on  SWFiS form, others will not be accepted.

Take the SWFiS sick leave form sick leave form

Students who want to pass a PE course  having a medical exemption should download the exemption form from the  SWFiS website then see their physician or specialist. Then with the form filled in, they go to

  • SWFiS teachers during their duty hours (room 2.8) if the form is filled in by a specialist from the list below (pt 9.)  for the current semester
  • the SWFiS physician during his duty hours (room 2.9) if the exemption form is issued  by internists or specialists not listed in pt 9, or if the exemption is related to the previous semester.  In some cases they may be asked to bring their medical records with them.

When to apply for  medical exemption

  1. If students cannot attend a course in which they have enrolled due to sickness or injury developed during an academic year, they may seek credit by medical exemption. Then, such exemption is shown in the student’s grade report next to the name of the course in which the student has enrolled and in the “Decisions” section (USOSweb → Student’s Section → My Studies → Decisions). In this case the student does not get their ECTS points.
  2. Students who cannot attend PE classes for health-related reasons may submit  a medical exemption certificate. In this case they should not enrol for courses (in order not to block places). Instead, before or within 30 days after the start of a semester, they should submit their medical exemption certificate for the current semester. Then, such PE credit by medical exemption is shown in USOS, in the “Decisions” section (USOSweb → Student’s Section → My Studies → Decisions). It is not listed in the student’s grade report, yet it is equivalent to successful completion of the given semester. Students do not get their ECTS points for the medical exemption.

General rules of earning medical exemptions

  1. Students who cannot take part in PE classes due to medical reasons are allowed to pass the course by medical exemption.
  2. Passing the PE course by medical exemption does not allow to get ECTS points.
  3. By medical exemption, students can earn credit for one semester of PE at a time. Medical exemption in a semester precludes students from earning regular credit for a PE course in the same semester (either exemption or regular credit).
  4. Students who are applying for medical exemption should not enrol PE course (in order not to block places).
  5. According to the rules of earning course credits a student is obliged to submit a medical exemption certificate within 30 days after the beginning of the semester. Only the certificates written on the form downloaded from the SWFiS website will be accepted.
  6. Long -term medical exemptions issued by GPs or specialists not listed below need to be accepted by the SWFiS physician. In this case, the student should bring the completed form (from the SWFiS website) to the SWFiS physician. The medical exemptions are verified then. The SWFiS physician does not exempt from the course.
  7. In exceptional cases, overdue medical exemption certificates regardless of who has issued them may be examined by the SWFiS PHYSICIAN.
  8. One-semester, one-year or permanent medical exemption certificates related to the current semester and issued by specialists listed below do not have to be confirmed by the SWFiS physician, and should be submitted at 2A Banacha St., room 2.8.
  9. Medical exemption certificates (for the current semester) do not have to be confirmed by the SWFiS physician when are issued by:
  • orthopaedic traumatologist
  • cardiologist
  • cardiac surgeon
  • neurologist
  • neurosurgeon
  • surgeon
  • sports medicine physician
  • psychiatrist
  • oncologist
  • post-hospitalisation exemption (hospital discharge)
  • pregnancy (gynecologist)
  1. Medical exemption can not be transferred from one faculty to another . The one exception is when a student, having medical exemption for the current semester studies at two faculties at the same time.
  2. Medical exemption written on SWFiS form (original document) should be presented by the student personally in the  SWFiS office.
  3. Short-term sick leaves should be currently presented to the instructor.