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Registration step by step

See also registration rules.

Students always register by internet  in chronological order until the student limit in the particular group is up. Registration for one one PE ccourse costs 30 PE tokens. If a student doesn’t have PE tokens, the registration goes the same way – the system adds the tokens automatically when you are trying to register and calculates  the cost.  Students who want to enroll PE classes should follow the instructions below.

In order to enroll in the PE lessons you must:

  • During the open registration period, enter the token registration site rejestracja.usos.uw.edu.pl and log in.
  • Find the subject „Physical education” in the „Registration” tab and go to “registration for the coming semester”.
  • Choose one of three categories of PE – free of charge classes run by SWFiS, paid courses by AZS, paid courses run by external organizers . (See also: registration to sport sections).
  • Select the section and  its level.
  • Register for selected section clicking green „basket” in the choosen group.

When a student do not have enough tokens, there will appear information in which students must accept offer of purchasing tokens.  The fee of 240,00 PLN must be paid by bank transfer not later than until the end of the first month of classes. The transfer data can be found in USOSweb→ „for students”→” fees”. Even if a paid course is selected, the fee for lost tokens must be paid.

Succesful registration will be confirmed by a special statement. It will also be seen in „basket” tab and on USOSweb (after data transfer).

Registration for facultative students

A student who earned credits for obligatory 3 semesters of PE and didn’t loose any tokens, can apply for additional tokens. To get the tokens please fill out the form befor third round of registration: https://wfisport.uw.edu.pl/dodatkowe-zetony/

ATTENTION! Taking part in additional PE classes, must result in earning credits for them, even if the student has already earned them for obligatory course. In such case, ‘Fail’ grade in some faculties will result in conditional registration and precludes a student from receiving a further 30 tokens. Please, think out your decision to enrol in an additional course.

Enrolment in sports sections

Enrolment in sports sections is carried out exclusively through coaches. The students registered for the winter semester and accepted by coaches will be automatically enrolled for the summer semester. New students must contact the coach at one of the first training workouts of the given section. Enrolment in the Warszawianka Group is carried out similarly