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  1. Students register for PE course by internet in chronological order until the student limit in the groups is up.
  2. Students who are applying for transfer of their PE credits from the student’s credit book or applying for earning credit for medical exemption SHOULD NOT ENROL IN COURSES
  3. When the registration procedure is active students may repeatedly register and deregister if there are free places in the group. The tokens then are spent or given back in each case.
  4. Regardless of the registration date as student is obliged to participate in the classes snice they start.
  5. Registration for the course means spending 30 PE tokens.
  6. If a student does not earn credit for the course or resign from any reason but had not deregistered before the end of the third round of enrolment, will lose 30 tokens. Repurchase of the lost tokens costs PLN 240.
  7. Absence, illness or travell or problems with the computer during enrolment do not excuse one from registering through the Internet in due time.
  8. Students who fail to enrol in classes during active registration for any reason, cannot receive a credit!
  9. SWFiS can not be responsible for any technical problems that may happen during registration. In such case, please contact the Section of IT Applications (DAK).