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Duty hours of SWFiS teachers room 2.8

During their duty hours SWFiS teachers:

  • give teacher’s signatures (not only the person running the classes can give you the signature. It can be done by another teacher during their duty hours),
  • accept medical exemptions for current semester issued by specialists listed in medical exemption tab,
  • help in other issues related to PE classes.

Duty hours of SWFiS physician room 2.9

SWFiS physician:

  • May confirm a long-term medical exemption issued by GP or specialist not mentioned below. In such situation, a student should present a medical exemption form completed by their doctor. Student’s medical exemption can be only verified during the duty hours. SWFiS physician does not issue any medical exemptions to students.

Your medical exemption does not have to be confirmed by SWFiS physician if it was issued for the current semester by one of the following specialists:
orthopaedic traumatologist, cardiologist, cardiac surgeon, neurologist, neurosurgeon, surgeon, sports medicine physician, psychiatrist, oncologist, or in case of post-hospitalisation exemption (hospital discharge) or pregnancy (exemption issued by gynaecologist).

  • In exceptional situations may confirm overdue medical exemption certificates (no matter which doctor issued the document).

Duty hours of the Deputy Director for Student Affairs room 2.6

SWFiS Deputy Director for Student Affairs:

  • in exceptional situations may refer a third year student to a complementary course covering one semester of PE classes,
  • deals with other student’s matters.