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1. Charge for tokens

1.1. Lost  tokens

Students who have failed to earn credit for a PE semester and  had not deregistered from the chosen section  before the end of the Internet registration, will lose 30 free PE tokens, which are needed for registration for the next semester.

1.2. How to register and purchase missing tokens

To buy tokens a student must registrate via token registration for choosen section in I, II or III tour of registration (as before). During this process the there will be seen information about the charged fee (PLN 240 for each 30 tokens).

1.3. The payment should be transferred not later than until the end of 4th week of the classes of  the current semester. The bank payment details can be seen on USOSweb, after logging in tab „payment”. SWFiS does not accept payment in cash. If  students  chose  paid PE classes  and do not have tokens , they must pay for lost tokens (240 PLN)and for the classes on which they are registered. (The information about the fees and method of payment is given in the course/classes syllabuses).

1.3. Lack of payment.

Payments are being monitored currently. Lack of payment in due time may result in not allowing to take part in PE classes, no credit for the semester and charging statutory interest. Students who have paid for the current semester but still have not paid for the tokens from previous one(s), can not receive  credit. After the liabilities have been paid up,  their mark may be changed.

2. Tuition fee for paid courses

Student are also offered paid PE courses, run by AZS and other paid courses. The amount of fees and method of payment are defined by the institution that runs the course. This information is given in the particular course/classes syllabus.

When students enrol in courses run by AZS, they must remember to get AZS Membership Card (one-time fee). If  students  chose  paid PE classes  but did not have tokens, they must pay for both: lost tokens (240 PLN) and the classes on which they are registered. Lack of payment for any of the payments results in not awarding PE credit for the semester.