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1.Enrolling to PE classes can only be done by token registration, except for enrolling to sport sections.

2. A student gets the number of free tokens enough to earn credit for obligatory PE classes. When the student does not earn the credit course, the tokens are lost and must be bought at the next registration.

2.1 The student who earned  credits of all the obligatory semesters of PE  may apply for additional tokens. In order to get  them and sign up to the group where the places are, students should go to SWFiS, (room 2.5) in due date, according to the registration schedule.

3. Registration for one kind of PE classes enables to earn credit for only one semester regardless of the number of classes per week.

4. Medical exemption for one semester enables to earn credit for only one PE course in particular semester.

4.1. Students who apply for medical exemption do not sign up for the course.

4.2. When a student signed up for two kinds of PE courses, then earning credit by medical exemption is possible only for one kind of classes. Another course is not passed.

4.3. If a student has to earn credit for PE by medical exemption, it is necessary to get ECTS points by OGUN or online „ECTS points – completing course”, recommended by the SWFiS.

4.4. A student with medical exemption can not earn credit for PE, by the online course. This course allows to complete the missing ECTS points only.

5. A student who takes part in PE classes is obliged to:

  • obey the rules of getting credit
  • obey the rules of the particular place and OSH instructions
  • be punctual and have the sport outfit set by the instructor– shoes definitely have to be changed
  • take part in activities regularly and actively.

6. Two unexcused absences on PE classes can be permitted per semester.

6.1. Three unexcused absences shall result in failure to earn credit for the semester.

6.2. Women have the right to one unexcused absence per month instead of two per semester (but not more than four per semester) in case of PE classes at the swimming pool.

6.3. In case of excused absences, students need to attend more than 50% of all classes to earn credit. (A student must be present at min.50% + 1 classes)

6.4. In case of short-term absence a sick note should be submitted to the teacher on the next classes.

6.5. Absences on PE classes due to President’s and  Dean’s hours or compulsory practice for all students can be excused, but the SWFiS offfice must be informed in advance by the faculty Dean’s office. Individual student’s excuses will not be accepted.

6.6. Absebces on PE classes due to exams, lectures or other classes will not be accepted. A student is allowed to attend  PE classes at the given date, agreed with the teacher.

7. Students with certificate of disability are able to participate in PE classes, dedicated especially for them. If such students want to take part in another group activities, they must submit the positive opinion from their specialist.

8. Free or payable PE courses run by SWFiS, AZS and colaborating institutions (equivalent courses) there are two forty – five minute classes once a week. For courses run by sports sections, complementary courses, the number of obligatory hours to earn credit for a semester (depending on the training program)  is determined by the coach, but can not be less than  two forty – five minute per week.

9. Student can deregister from PE classes only during the open registration tour. When the tour is finished, according to the Statute of Studies in Warsaw University (par.28. Resolution 9) student is allowed to sign off the classes only when the dates of the course, the teacher or the passing rules have been changed. In this case, within 14 days from the change the  application for signing off should be delivered to USOSweb  and  also SWFiS Sudent section should be informed personally, by telephone or by e-mail.

10. According to the Statute of Studies in Warsaw University (par.28 resolution 10) student is allowed to resign from earning credit for the subject in due date, stated in the academic year schedule.

11. ECTS points management:

11.1. Students who started their studies before the  2012 Academic Year do not get 0,5 ECTS point for PE classes regardless of the place where they earned credit  – either at Warsaw University or any other.

11.2. Students who started  their studies in 2012/2013 Academic Year get 0,5 ECTS pt for the completed PE course.

11.3. Students who started studies after 2013 year, will get 0,5 ECTS pt if  their curriculum says so.

11.4. Students who started studies in 2016 year, will get 1 ECTS pt if  their curriculum says so.

11.5. For detailed information concerning number of  allowed points go to faculty Dean’s Office.

12. SWFiS can not be responsible for students’ belongings left in the fitting rooms.