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Who is a facultative student?

A facultative student is a student who already earned credit for obligatory PE courses without losing tokens and still wants to participate in PE classes. In this situation there is a possibility to apply for additional free-of-charge tokens. To get the tokens please fill out the form befor third round of registration: https://wfisport.uw.edu.pl/dodatkowe-zetony/

Think it over! Although you already obtained obligatory course credit, your participation in additional PE classes must be also confirmed with credit. If you fail to earn credit, you cannot apply for another 30 tokens. At some faculties it may also result in conditional promotion.

How can I register for two PE classes in one semester?

You can register for the first course in any round of registration, but you can register for the second course only in the third round. Please note that according to our official rules, you must choose two different sport disciplines, and your PE classes cannot take place the same day.

How can I purchase tokens?

To buy tokens you need to register for the course using token registration service, just as you did before. During the registration process you will get information about charged fee (240 PLN for each 30 tokens). Payment by bank transfer must be done not later than the end of 4th week of classes in the current semester. All necessary bank transfer details can be found in your USOSweb → student’s section → payments.