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How many absences can I have?

You can have two unexcused absences. In case of PE classes held in the swimming pool, women have the right to one unexcused absence per month instead of two unexcused absences per semester, but not more than four per semester. In case of excused absences, students need to attend more than 50% of all classes to earn credit (you must be present at minimum 50% + 1 classes).

I did not pass the course. Why is that?

The most common reason for not passing the course is insufficient attendance. Three unexcused absences result in failure to earn credit for the semester. Another common reason is lack of payment either for the tokens, paid subjects, or AZS membership card. Students who paid for the tokens in the current semester, but have due payments from previous semesters, also cannot earn credit.

Another issue is a medical exemption for the semester, which blocks the possibility of earning additional credit for other courses that a student takes in a semester. It means that you can obtain two credits if you are registered for two PE courses in one semester, but if you get a medical exemption for a semester being registered for two PE courses, you will have only one exemption in your student’s account, the other course will not be passed.

What kind of sport clothes should I wear?

First and foremost, you always have to change your shoes (except classes where you train barefoot). It is required due to safety, hygienic, and comfort reasons. At the beginning of semester, your teacher will give you instructions concerning required sport outfit. Please remember that swimwear and swimming cap are required from the first class in the swimming pool.

When should I submit a sick note?

In case of short-term absence, a sick note should be presented to the teacher in the first class after your illness. Medical exemption certificates for longer period (one-semester, one-year, or permanent) should be presented no longer than 30 days after the beginning of semester.

How can I excuse an absence resulting from an internship or practice?

If you missed your PE classes because you were doing an internship or participated in other activities that were compulsory for all students from your field of study, report it to your teacher, but do not bring any documents to confirm this fact. It is probable that your faculty dean’s office has already informed SWFiS that absence of their students should be excused. This is the only formal way (written form of communication dean’s office→ SWFiS) to excuse such absence.