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How many PE courses should I complete?

To check how many semesters of PE classes you need to complete, look into your study curriculum. The number of obligatory PE courses may differ depending on the year when you started studies at the University, form of your studies, and the date of approval of your study curriculum.

When should I register for PE classes?

You can register for PE classes ONLY during active round of registration and only through USOS system. You will always find the updated registration schedule on our website → the planner or on the token registration service website→ schedule of registration.

In what situation should I not register for PE classes?

Do not register for PE classes in case you have one-semester, one-year, or permanent medical exemption, or when you transfer credit from another institution or from previous field of study. Do not block the place in the group knowing that you will not be attending classes. There is no possibility to unregister from the course after the registration is closed. Each failure in getting credit means that you lose your tokens, and you are obliged to make payment (240 PLN).

Is it possible to register for classes in any other way than online?

Registration for PE classes is conducted online. Students sign up for classes only through token registration service in USOS. If you have completed your obligatory PE courses, you did not lose the tokens, and you want to participate in PE classes as a facultative student, you need to visit Physical Education and Sports Centre (SWFiS) within the time limit specified in the registration schedule to apply for additional tokens. You will be added to the list of students in the group which is not fully booked.

The registration is active, but I cannot register for the course. Why is that?

Before you send us an e-mail about problems with registration, please make sure if:

  • you logged in properly,
  • the registration for chosen course is active, (registration for particular disciplines is held in specified order to avoid server overload),
  • you did not exceed the limit of used tokens in particular round of registration (in case you sign up for the second PE course),
  • the group is not fully booked.

How can I register for two PE courses in one semester?

You can register for second PE course only in the round with the limit of 60xWF tokens spent (you need 30 tokens of type WF to enrol for one PE course). You can easily check the token limits on the token registration website choosing registration for PE courses in ‘registrations’ tab. You register for the second course in the same way as for the first course.

How can I purchase additional tokens?

To buy additional tokens, you need to register for the course using token registration service, just as you did before. During the registration process you will get information about charged fee (240 PLN for each 30 tokens). Payment by bank transfer must be done not later than the end of 4th week of classes in the current semester. All necessary bank transfer details can be found in your USOSweb in ‘payment’ tab.

Who is a facultative student?

A facultative student is a student who already earned credit for obligatory PE courses without losing tokens and still wants to participate in PE classes. In this situation there is a possibility to apply for additional tokens. To get the tokens please fill out the form befor third round of registration: https://wfisport.uw.edu.pl/dodatkowe-zetony/

Think it over! Although you already obtained credit for your obligatory PE courses, your participation in additional PE classes must be also confirmed with credit. If you fail to earn credit, you cannot apply for another 30 tokens. At some faculties it may also result in conditional promotion.

I do sports regularly. Do I have to register for PE classes?

If you do sports regularly, either at amateur or professional level, you need to try your hand at our sport sections. You can earn credit for PE course through regular participation in sport section trainings.

Who can unregister me from classes?

You can unregister from classes only by yourself and only during active token registration round. Failure in getting credit while being registered to PE course means that you lose your tokens and then you must pay for them. You may also have problem with earning credit for the semester – find more information at your faculty.

When should I unregister from classes to not lose the tokens?

You can unregister from PE course only during active round of token registration. Only then the tokens are given back to your student’s account. After the third round of registration is completed, you cannot unregister from the course which means that you lose your tokens.