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Classes are dedicated only to employees, retired employees and pensioners of the University of Warsaw (in accordance with Article 6 section 1 item 1-3 of the University SocialBenefits Fund Rules and Regulations, i.e. to persons with UW employee, retired employee or pensioner status in the SAP system).

Participants are registered only by the website: https://wfisport.uw.edu.pl/dla-pracownikow/formularz-zapisow/

Applications should be sent within the time limits specified in registration schedule. We cannot accept applications sent before the agreed registration start time.

Participation in classes (also open gym classes) is possible after receiving an e-mail confirmation of enrolment from SWFiS and after being granted co-financing of sport classes by the University Social Benefits Fund. In accordance with the announcement of the Office for Personnel Social Benefits provided below, applications for co-financing of sport classes must be submitted until 08.03.2024. Persons who fail to submit their application within the set deadline or who are not granted co-financing from the University Social Benefits Fund cannot participate in classes.

We kindly ask for carefully thought-out assignments – there is no possibility to withdraw one’s application for co-financing and the benefit will be granted no matter if one actually attend classes.

In case the number of applications is lower than 12 participants, the group will be liquidated.

Registration for ‘open gym’ is done the same way as for other classes. Received co- financing enables one to use 15 entrances to ‘open gym’. There is no possibility to exchange them for other classes or to use the gym in other dates than accepted by SWFiS or use them in future semester.

Entrance to BUW-1 Sports Centre for current employees of University of Warsaw is available only with the ELECTRONIC EMPLOYEE CARD/ACADEMIC TEACHER CARD. We kindly ask to apply for the card at one’s unit before the start of the classes. Retired employees and pensioners of the University of Warsaw receive the access key in the first class due to lack of possibility of issuing the card.

Registering for classes is equal with the declaration that one is fully aware of the current risk associated with coronavirus infection, is willing to participate in sports activities at their own risk, declares to comply with the applicable sanitary and epidemiological guidelines and shall inform the organizers about the coronavirus contraction.

The participants takes part in sports activities at their own risk and declares that his health condition allows for active participation in the activities.